3D Computer-Guided Implant Surgery

GALILEOS 3D SCAN. Cone Beam Computer Tomography

This is the most advanced 3D scanner. For many years, we have used x-rays in dental practices. X-rays are a two-dimensional image of a three-dimensional object, and while x-rays could tell us a lot, there is still that third component of depth that they didn’t provide. Cone Beam technology emits low doses of radiation to capture three-dimensional images of precise areas of the mouth, sinuses, and throat in a reliable, affordable way. The exposure to the patient is only a fraction of a typical medical grade CT-scan.

New GALILEOS 3D X-ray for Better Patient Treatment – GALILEOS meets CEREC pi_cerec_meets_galileos_faelle_krone_46_279These two technologies can be combined for the planning of dental implants. Dr. Rondon will be able to know where the implant will be placed in the right position even before the surgery. The Doctor can do a virtual surgery and order a surgical guide with the information of the angle, the size and the depth of the implant. This way the day of the surgery there is no need to use a blade or take stitches. Therefore the healing is faster and less trauma to the area. Very predictable results every single time. This eliminates the guessing of placing implants the conventional way.
Galileos Comfort -3D