Oral Pathology, Mouth Sores and Spots

Oral Pathology generally involves the face, neck, and mouth which include areas such as your tongue, lips, and gums. Some common less threatening pathological problems include geographical tongue in which there are patches of the tongue that are missing the papillae (small red bumps) giving the appearance of a road map, Median Palatal Cyst which can best be described as fluid filled sacs, and a hairy tongue which is best characterized as an overgrowth of bacteria or a yeast infection which depicts a hairy tongue appearance. The most severe pathological problem is oral cancer which can be life threatening if not caught early. Regular dental check ups are essential in the overall health of your oral cavity and surrounding areas. Your dental providers generally do a routine oral cancer screening one to two times a year along with your dental exam. They are trained to spot those problems and treat them or refer you to a specialist for further treatment. Please see your dental professional on a regular basis, not only for a healthy mouth but for a healthy body.

Oral Pathology