Why You Should Use Your Dental Benefits Before the End of the Year

The end of the year is approaching, and it’s time to check your dental benefits. Did you know that most dental benefits work on the calendar year and run out on December 31st?

Here are five reasons why you should make a dental appointment at JR Dental before the end of the year.

End of the Year Dental Benefits

Unused Dental Benefits Don’t Roll Over

Before the year is up is a great time to take advantage of any unused benefits you may have left. Most dental insurance plans have a limit of services they cover every year. Take preventive services for example. Many plans cover two dental cleanings and one exam and x-rays per year. If you only visit your dentist for one cleaning this year, you can’t save the second cleaning for next year. Whatever benefits might be remaining do not roll into the following year.

Annual Maximums for Benefits

Most dental insurances have a yearly maximum coverage amount they will pay. If you’ve already reached your annual maximum or are close, it might make sense to wait until the new year. Although, please don’t let this deter you from getting medically necessary dental treatment. If you need additional assistance, we offer a variety of payment options. However, if you have not yet reached your annual maximum and you expect to need minor treatment like fillings or crowns, get them taken care of before your plan resets on January 1st!

Deductibles for Dental Benefits

An insurance deductible is the minimum amount you pay out of pocket before the insurance policy pays. Once your deductible is met, most policies cover a percentage of the remaining costs. As we approach the end of the year, think about how close you are to meeting your deductible amount. Just like your benefits, your deductible renews each year on January 1st. If you have met your deductible but have not reached your annual maximum, you should take full advantage of your dental care needs before the deductible resets on January 1st.

Changes in Premiums and Fees

Changes in dental health care plans occur every year. If you keep the same plan, the premium or deductible could increase. Or your dental insurance carrier could change, and next year’s dental benefits may not be as good as they are now.

Dental Benefits

Never Put off Your Dental Needs

Dental problems never get better over time, and delaying treatment can often make things worse. Most dental insurance plans cover preventative services, including cleanings, x-rays, and fluoride treatments. Maintaining regular appointments with your dentist can prevent a variety of problems and are important in the upkeep of your general oral health.

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Schedule Your Appointment With JR Dental Today!

Don’t wait to schedule an appointment. By planning ahead and scheduling early, you can beat the end-of-year rush. Not sure if you still have any unused dental insurance benefits? Give us a call at (904) 786-5850 or contact us online to find out if you have any dental benefits remaining.

Schedule an appointment with your Jacksonville, FL dentist today and ensure that your dental benefits don’t go to waste. We look forward to hearing from you!

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