Tips to Keep Your Teeth Healthy This Summer

Florida’s summer sun brings lots of summer fun. It’s a time for getting together with friends and taking family vacations. But sometimes summertime schedules can throw off your usual dental routine. We have some tips to keep your teeth healthy this summer.

Summer Brushing Routine

Stick With a Brushing and Flossing Routine

The school year comes with many routines, so it’s easier to remember to brush and floss teeth at least twice a day. But no matter how eventful the summer becomes because of traveling, visiting with friends and family or just spending the whole day lounging around, make sure you stick to a brushing and flossing routine.

Water is Good For Your Teeth

Drink Plenty of Water

It’s important to stay hydrated during hot and humid days. If you’re thirsty, reach for a glass of water instead of a sugary drink. According to the American Dental Association, “Water cleans your mouth with every sip. It washes away leftover food and residue that cavity-causing bacteria are looking for and dilutes the acids produced by the bacteria in your mouth.” Sugary drinks like soda, lemonade, and sports drinks contain extra calories and high levels of sugar. When the sugar mixes with the naturally occurring bacteria in the mouth, an acid is created. It’s this acid that can destroy the enamel and can lead to tooth decay.

Summer Healthy Nutrition

Make Fruits and Vegetables Readily Available

You already know that fruits and vegetables are healthy for your body but eating them also benefits your teeth. Making fruits and vegetables readily available is a great way to encourage healthy snacking. As they are broken down by chewing, the fruit and vegetable pieces act like a toothbrush, scrubbing away plaque from teeth, and removing other food debris.

Chewing Ice is Bad For Your Teeth

Don’t Chew on Ice

Chewing ice is one of the most common ways to damage teeth and enamel. Yes, the summer heat and humidity can be rough, but instead of chewing on ice, let it melt in your water.

Summer Dental Checkup

Schedule Your Routine Checkup

It is often easier to schedule checkups during the summer. School is out and extracurricular activities are on hold making schedules more open and relaxed. Appointments fill up fast in August and September due to the back-to-school rush, so schedule yours early.

Dental Emergency

Prepare a Dental Emergency Kit

Dental emergencies can happen anytime, anywhere, even on vacation. If an emergency does happen, it’s important to find a dentist as soon as possible. If you can’t, then having a well-stocked emergency kit can help until you can get to a dental professional. Here’s what you should include in your kit:

  • Your dentist’s phone number
  • Gloves
  • Gauze or cotton balls
  • Small container with a lid
  • Saline solution
  • Dental Wax
  • Pain reliever, such as Orajel

Following these tips this summer can make a huge difference. When it’s time for your next dental appointment, your teeth will thank you.

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