Senior Dental Health

How Aging Can Affect Oral Health

It’s common for seniors to face issues when it comes to oral and dental health. The aging process causes changes in all parts of the body, including the mouth, teeth, and gums, but with proper care, your teeth should last a lifetime. Dental care for older adults is so important. Many of these dental problems […]

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JR Dental Newsletter – July 2020

Teeth Trauma: It’s a Sensitive Issue You’re not imagining it. That sudden twinge of pain in one or more of your teeth can, in fact, be caused by something as simple as a blast of wind, a bite of something fresh from the oven, or (what was supposed to be) a cool, refreshing treat. Read […]

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Kids and Braces

When should my child get braces?

A common question we get from parents is, “When should my child get braces?” Like many other dental-related questions, it depends. Some kids require braces earlier than others and some never need braces at all. While every child might have different dental needs, both the American Association of Orthodontists and The American Dental Association recommend […]

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JR Dental Newsletter – June 2020

Your Child’s Sippy Cup: Is it a Friend or Foe? Shaped like your child’s favorite action heroes and in every vibrant color imaginable, sippy cups seem like an innocent way to prevent spills. But with increased cavities and speech issues abound, pediatric dentists have recent research suggesting that what was once a friend is now […]

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JR Dental Newsletter – May 2020

The Facts on Fillings Whether you need an existing filling replaced or a new cavity filled, get the facts on what your options are. Gone are the days when cast gold and silver amalgams were your only choices. With dental care advancements, other materials are also being used to fill cavities. Here are the advantages […]

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We Are Open

We Are Officially Reopening on May 4th

Welcome back!!!! Safety of patients and staff is our priority.  Please visit our website for more details. At your next appointment you will see some changes to help protect our patients and staff. Screening questions over the phone You can wait in your car if desire but our appointments has been managed to allow proper […]

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JR Dental Newsletter – April 2020

Sealants: Stop Cavities Before They Begin Imagine you could protect your smile and preserve good oral health. Would you do it? In all likelihood the answer is yes and, with sealants, you can. Read More > Understanding Dental Care for Diabetes What does oral health have in common with diabetes? A lot when you consider […]

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