JR Dental Newsletter – September 2019

The Dirt on “Dragon Breath” And How to Slay It for Goodbad breath

There’s a reason people commonly refer to halitosis as “dragon breath”: it’s a beast of an oral health problem that can put off anyone within close range! Mints and mouthwashes can mask the issue, but in order to truly defeat it, you’ll need to treat the underlying cause.

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The Buzz on Braces for Adults: 5 Things You Should Knowaccelerated orthodontics

Wish you could go back in time to straighten your teeth? Good news: the ship hasn’t sailed for that dream just yet! More and more adults are heading to the orthodontist’s office to get the smile they’ve always wanted.

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Tooth Reshaping: The Easy, Inexpensive Way to Lift Your Smilesmile

Straightening and whitening your teeth can transform your smile, but sometimes, it takes one final step to get those pearly whites looking perfect. It’s called tooth reshaping (or dental contouring), and the good news is, it’s a quick, painless and cost-effective cosmetic procedure. If a chipped, pointed, overlapping or uneven tooth stands between you and the smile you’ve always wanted, find out why tooth reshaping may be the answer you’ve been looking for.

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