JR Dental Newsletter – May 2019

Understanding Dental Care for Diabetesfood

What does oral health have in common with diabetes? A lot when you consider that high blood sugar can affect your entire body including your teeth and gums.

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How to Recognize and Prevent Gum Diseaseaccelerated orthodontics

Gum disease affects approximately half of all Americans. While that’s a startling statistic, what’s more notable is that most cases are preventable. The good news is that preventative care is simple and, by taking care of your smile daily, you can ensure you don’t become part of the statistic above.

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Fact vs. Fiction: Does Aging Really Impact Your Teeth?smile

Troubled by the thought of what could happen to your mouth as you age? Don’t let old wives’ tales and stereotypes get the better of you! Time can take a toll on the most able-bodied of individuals, but you may be surprised by how much control seniors retain over their dental destiny. Read on to get the facts on common claims.

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