JR Dental Newsletter – February 2020

Accelerated Orthodontics: How to Straighten Your Teeth FasterAccelerated Orthodontics

Traditional braces produce great results, however it takes several years for that to happen. What if you could achieve the same results in much less time? With accelerated orthodontics, you can (and often in under a year)!

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5 Smart Questions to Ask Your Dentistdental patient

Have a dental appointment scheduled sometime soon? Sit back, relax and get ready to open your mouth – but not just to have it examined! Taking your smile to the next level involves more than just a routine checkup and cleaning; for truly noticeable changes, you’ll need to start off by having an in-depth chat with your dentist. Make the most out of your next visit by asking these important questions:

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Have A Heart Problem? 9 Issues Your Dentist Needs To Know Aboutheart problems

Heading to the dentist’s office with a heart-related issue? It’s important to tell your dentist about it! Your mouth and heart are linked in more ways than you might expect – and failing to inform him or her about cardiovascular problems could spell serious trouble. For your health and safety, be sure to let your dentist know if any of the below heart conditions apply to you.

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