JR Dental Newsletter – August 2019

Straight Talk: The Best Time for Bracesbraces


Is your child starting to lose baby teeth? If so, you might want to shift your focus from playing the tooth fairy to researching orthodontists.

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Fact or Fiction? Five Popular Tooth Myths Debunkedtooth fairy


Forget the tooth fairy! Far too many tales are being told about teeth and it’s time to clear the air. Popular claims that range from scary to wacky and everything in between are about to be debunked. Find out if you’ve been acting on bad advice.

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4 Dental Do’s For Expectant Mothersdental Veneers

Free up some time in your calendars, moms-to-be! The OB-GYN visits may be coming fast and furious, but believe it or not, there’s someone else you need to be seeing to protect your health and that of your baby: your dentist.

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