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May 2022

JR Dental Newsletter – May 2022

Summer is about to burst onto the scene. And with it, your “free time” will turn to “busy time” as you plan, plan, plan for your relaxing summer vacation. So while you’re thinking about where you’ll go, where you’ll eat, and what you’ll see along the way, don’t forget to plan a visit to your […]

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JR Dental Newsletter – November 2021

November is mouth cancerawareness month. The risk of oralcancer increases with age. Years ofsmoking and alcohol use increasethe risk of oral cancer. Otherfactors that may also increase therisk for oral cancer include poordental and oral hygiene, takingmedicines that weaken theimmune system, and rubbing fromrough teeth, dentures, or fillingsover a long period of time. Whenyou come […]

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Oct 2021 News

JR Dental Newsletter – October 2021

Brace yourself – this month’s “Dental Pearl” is orthodontics! Did you know crowding and misaligned teeth can make it harder to keep teeth clean? Improper alignment can lead to TMJ, jaw related issues, and costly dental work. JR Dental Inc. offers many solutions to this problem ranging from traditional braces to clear aligners. To learn […]

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JR Dental Newsletter – August 2020

Dry Mouth: Is It Sneaking Past Your Radar? A dental epidemic is brewing, and it’s called Xerostomia, or “Dry Mouth”. It sounds innocuous enough, and perhaps that is why many people affected by the problem fail to treat it, or detect it altogether. But it’s nothing to scoff at, especially considering that extreme cases of […]

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